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Common Plumbing Problems

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Though it’s always desirable for plumbing systems to run flawlessly, common problems are bound to occur. Thankfully, our team at Flow-Pro Plumbing can make these common plumbing problems disappear for our Southern California customers. Following a quick and easy inspection, our professionals are equipped to handle these problems and more with a quick turnaround time and the utmost customer courtesy.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is a common issue that can affect the quality of showers, sinks, dishwashers, and laundry machines. Without proper pressure, it’s nearly impossible for effective cleaning to be done in those household areas. While it may seem like a simple inconvenience, low water pressure could actually be an indication of a larger issue, such as a broken pipe or a major blockage. Using state of the art diagnostic equipment, our team can determine the cause of low water pressure and recommend the most efficient solution, whether it be clog removal, small repairs, or major replacement.

Backed Up Drains

When water doesn’t flow properly down sinks, tubs, or toilets, it can cause a major disruption in daily life. Backed up drains can cause foul odors and waste water accumulation. Sometimes a drain clog happens quickly, due to a foreign object impeding the flow. Other times the blockage happens over time. At the first sign of slow water drains, give our team a call. We’ll locate the clog and figure out the necessary remedy on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes a simple clog removal is best, while other times, a plumbing system cleaning is most desirable in the long run.

Water Leaks

No one wants to see water seepage or drywall discoloration from a water leak. Water leaks can cause major damage in the form of rot, mold, and drywall decomposition. Common places to notice a water leak include first floor ceilings, under-sink cabinets, and behind toilets. Water leaks might also be noted outdoors, with standing water in the yard or constant dripping from hose bibs. If you suspect a water leak, it’s best to call our team right away before the problem gets worse. In some cases, if the leak is caught quickly, we’re able to repair the faulty pipeline using minimally invasive methods, which save you money overall.

Lack of Hot Water

Cold showers are the worst! Hot water heaters are an appliance that we’ve come to depend upon greatly, yet just like anything else, they have a limited lifespan. Our team specializes in hot Water Heater repair and replacement. We’ll come examine your system in hopes that a simple fix, such as element or vent cleaning can get your appliance back in working order. If not, we can recommend the latest energy-efficient models for quick replacement.

Work with Flow-Pro for All Your Plumbing Needs

There are many different types of plumbing issues your Beamont property could be experiencing, but our team at Flow-Pro is here to solve them all. Give us a call if you experience any of these or any other common plumbing issues. We use the latest technology and training in order to serve our customers well. We’re pleased to offer fast and professional Service to Beaumont, Banner, and surrounding Southern California areas.

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Call 951-922-9343 Serving Beaumont, Banning, & surrounding areas.
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