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Signs Your Water Heater is Broken

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Water heaters are certainly a valuable home investment that ought to efficiently run for years, if not for a decade. Recognizing the visible and subtle signs of water heater damage can help sustain Cherry Valley heaters for longer than their initial shelf life. Flow-Pro has catalogued frequent water heater issues from our clientele.

Watch Out for a Persistent Lack of Hot Water

Mechanical issues within water heaters can be a little tricky to detect. Especially since the electrical wiring is not visible to the naked eye. If you have not received and adequately warm shower for several days in a row, it is time to contact Flow-Pro. Even though simple water heater part replacements are relatively inexpensive, self-servicing the devices can result in error and even injuries. A second easy way to spot water heater failures is keeping a close eye on energy bills.

Energy Bills Should Not Drastically Fluctuate

Water heaters ought to run at a static temperature, under 140 degrees, and treated with regular cleaning from one of our technicians. If your water heater is quickly burning through your energy budget, this might symptomize neglect, or it is running at dangerous temperatures. In order to save money and prevent the device from being overworked, stability and consistent cleaning is key. It is also recommended for Cherry Valley homeowners to inspect the interior of the tank.

Check Out the Water Quality in the Tank

A buildup of sediment in the water heater tank will gradually wear down your unit, potentially causing greater energy costs and even broken units. There are several steps with properly flushing out the tank and inspect it for corrosion. We advise not to tackle cleaning on your own since it takes a trained eye to follow proper safety protocol. When we are contracted for the job, the anode rod, TPR valve, and electrical are look over to make sure the unit is collectively running.

Finally, Do Not Hesitate to Contact Flow-Pro for Your Howa Water Heater Needs

Our services extend beyond heating repairs and maintenance. We constantly hone and practice industry-leading plumbing procedures—including sewer line repairs and cleaning, sewer camera inspections, among other pursuits. 

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